KARTING JACKET W/Dupont Coolmax- L/XL (58)

KARTING JACKET W/Dupont Coolmax- L/XL (58)


The MM Racing karting jacket is constructed with abrasion resistant outer layer and DuPont CoolMax® inner layer. Quilted exterior and interior stitching, ribbed collar, wrist cuffs and elastic under the arms give this jacket superior comfort and wearability. The right sleeve is equipped with removable padding for added elbow and upper arm protection. Embroidered logos, piped epaulettes and exterior pockets give this jacket a stylish racing appearance that can be worn at the track or around town.

Sizes: L/XL (58)

Key Features:
  • Lightweight, breathable, abrasion resistant outer layer
  • DuPont CoolMax® inner layer to help wick away moisture
  • Right sleeve is equipped with removable padding for added elbow and upper arm protection
  • Exterior pockets with highlight color piping
  • Adjustable collar with comfort ribbing
  • Stylish racing epaulettes with highlight color piping
  • Wrist cuffs for added fit and wind sheer resistance
  • Embroidered MM Racing logos add to fit-and-finish


CoolMax® has been specifically engineered to keep you dry and comfortable through proprietary four-channel fibers developed by DuPont. When the body perspires, CoolMax® moves moisture quickly away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than any other fabric on the market today.

CoolMax® performance fabrics help regulate your body temperatures to keep you cool.

In tests of athletes wearing garments with CoolMax® vs. garments with nylon, an energy-optimizing effect called "thermo regulation" took place. CoolMax® cooled the body-core temperature by drawing heat-generated moisture away from the skin.

The results? These tests demonstrated that muscles kept at optimum temperature improve performance and delay exhaustion. Wearing garments with CoolMax® reduces the energy required to cool the body core, increasing performance and endurance.*

*Research conducted at the ETH Institute for Biomechanics, Zurich--renowned as a world leader in the science of human development.

What's CoolMax®?
DuPont CoolMax® is a high-performance fabric that can help the athletic performance of the people who wear it. Using DuPont's proprietary Dacron;® fibers, CoolMax® moves sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric, where it dries faster than any other fabric. (In moisture management tests, garments made with CoolMax ® dried almost completely in 30 minutes. Cotton, by comparison, remained wet by nearly 50%.

Sweat saps your strength. Better evaporation means you spend less energy to cool your body, which increases your performance and endurance. And because CoolMax® has better breathability, nothing's more comfortable to wear.