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CBX1SLIMKIT - Chatterbox X1 Slim Universal Kit



ChatterBox X1 Slim Universal Communicator Kit

Chatterbox has responded to their customers requests and created a much smaller and lighter unit packed with more features. Introducing the New Chatterbox X1 Slim Bluetooth Communicator.

  •  Unlimited rider communication
  •  Drastically smaller and lighter in size
  •  Industry leading 5 mile range
  •  More features with better technology
  •  Communication for any application
  •  Bluetooth A2DP compatible with most mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS and radar detectors

NOTE: These are for the Rider only. Each Motorcycle will need to purchase there own unit for Bike to Bike communication. For Rider to Passenger communication you will need to purchase 1 additional Headset and 1 Headset Extension cord.