TEAM VALHALLA - Armadillo Rib Vest-Adult (S-L)

TEAM VALHALLA - Armadillo Rib Vest-Adult (S-L)


Kart racing is a sport that demands attention to detail. Often it is the key to the difference between completing a race safely or getting tangled up with another kart, between winning and losing.

We at Team Valhalla Racing feel that paying attention to the finest details, design, and styling of our products makes you or your driver a bit safer when on the track.

We at Team Valhalla Racing feel that paying attention to the finest details, design, and styling of our products makes you a winner when you choose to make a purchase with us.


When going through a turn with 1 to 3 G's of lateral force, the last thing a driver needs to be thinking about is how his or her ribs feel. The Armadillo rib protector from Team Valhalla Racing helps pad the driver's ribs, shoulders, and kidney area. The focus of concentration then is on what's happening around the kart, not what's going to hurt this time thru a turn.

From a Kid Kart to a Super Heavy, there's a size of vest that can be adjusted to fit the drivers' needs. The designed-in versatility of the Armadillo rib vest makes it a good fit for all the different sizes and shapes of drivers

Padded shoulders help reduce the chance of injury from karts climbing on top of one another, and times when the driver is ejected from the seat. These pads are also removable. This may be a benefit for younger drivers that have a shorter neck.

The side panels help pad the rib and kidney area of the body. Inside these panels are plastic inserts to help distribute blows to the side of the body while driving.

The padded back panel holds everything together in the back of the vest. This panel helps relieve the rubbing or pressure from the back and top of the seat. The adult sizes allow for the side panels to be positioned in two different locations.

The padded chest can be adjusted to fit both men and women comfortably. Inside of these panels are inserts. These will help absorb the possible impact from a sudden stop due to contact with another kart. On the inside of the chest panels, there are pockets to hold cool packs.

During the summer months, the 10 to 15 minutes that it takes to run a heat or feature race can be almost unbearable, if not dangerous. A pocket on each panel is there to hold a reusable, foil cool pack. Right before a race, place a cool pack in each pocket, zip up, and go racing. After the race, pull out the cool packs and throw them in the ice chest and they'll be ready for the next race.

Armadillo Specifications

  • SFI Certified
  • Removable Shoulder Pads
  • Complete torso coverage
  • Quick Release buckles
  • Padded back
  • Adjustable side panels
  • Available Sizes: Small (30-35"), Medium (34-39"), Large (38-43")


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